In order to discuss the project results of Migrants take Care, ZubiGune organized a videocall-meeting with SOS racisme of the local region Gipuzkoa of the Basque Country, called MUGAK. 4 Experts who are in charge to assess migrants, especially migrant care workers, when they are victims of racissme and other discriminations, discussed the MTC project’s objectives and the basic problems of social exclusions and multiple discriminations that migrant care workers are suffering. All participants agreed that there is a structural discrimination pratice in place that makes it particularly difficult for migrant care workers to access legal employment. Somehow, the society knows that migrants are working illigally to take care of elderly, but no one really feels “responsible” for their situation. A cross-sectional cooperation would be needed to discuss the situation of migrant care workers, but essentially a political adjustment in the structure of care services and legalization of migrants is needed to change the situation.

However, services as the one of MUGAK can support migrant workers to claim their rights, which are covered for instance through the ILO convention. Unfortunately, many migrant care workers don’t know these rights as workers even if they are not officially employed.

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